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Green Star Products, Inc. (GSPI) creates economically competitive, environmentally friendly, sustainable algae based fuel, food and materials from existing technology today. Scalability of commercial algae production from proven advanced proprietary research by Green Star into nutrients and processes is now exponential.

Algal oil, a highly concentrated, 100% vegetarian source of DHA omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids is already widely used in milk, baby formula and other nutritional supplements. Plus, rapid commercially scalable production ramping of renewable biodiesel from algal oil at costs below conventional diesel is now a reality at GSPI.

Algae based biodiesel can immediately replace conventional diesel for automotive, trucking, rail, marine shipping and power generation uses with no change in existing equipment and with less emissions, better lubrication and higher energy efficiency per gallon. Also, durable materials may be made of hydrocarbons from algal oil instead of fossil fuels, including plastics and carbon composites, as can hydrocarbon based chemicals and pharmaceuticals, as well. High quality protein meal for human and animal consumption is also produced from the Green Star algae refining process.

The GSPI hybrid algae production system (HAPS) works best with brackish or salt water, not fresh water and can use relatively small areas of waste land, thereby providing no competition for other forms of agriculture. And, because algae, like other plants, naturally absorb the over abundant greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in exchange for release of beneficial oxygen to grow, Green Star Products, Inc. technology is at least carbon neutral.

Thus, materials manufactured from algal oil actually become a repository for carbon sequestration. These include more cost effective earthquake resistant construction materials and high tech consumer goods. Additionally, an algae based biodiesel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is a solution for many environmental and transportation problems.

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Normal Algae Growth
Algae Growth with
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 Biodiesel and DHA Omega-3 Fatty Acids from Algae Now Commercially Scalable


TVT Green Lubricants and Protectors
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More Power and Lubrication - Less Fuel and Emissions
Reduced Friction - Extended Engine and Equipment Life
Automotive, Truck, Rail, Marine, Industrial
Environmentally Friendly


GSPI Coatings One-Coat, Patented Rust Encapsulation,
Interior and Exterior Surface Protection Coating
Also, Ceramic Based, Super Heat Insulation Coating,
Enamel Finish Sealer and Other Industrial and Commercial Coatings
Environmentally Friendly


Universal Cleaner and Protectant
Cleans, Protects and Antistatics
Environmentally Friendly


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